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Need Help with a Cooler for your Motorhome?
We can re-core or custom build any motorhome charge air cooler. We are known for our premium quality and fast turnaround.

Custom Coolers !!! We Can Build it !
We build Custom Alumium Coolers for all applications.

Customer Care Team 2009
Mel Mansour - Director of Sales
Jeremy Storck - Technical & Production
Angie Carroll - Customer Service & Finance
Adam West - Customer Service & Shipping

Turbo-Max... Built for Performance and Dependability
We are proud to introduce a new-core charge-air cooler that is constructed with the performance and durability to exceed expectations for most truck and off-road applications. It provides:

  • Maximum Efficiency - With an extruded tube design to minimize pressure drop that helps to consistently maintain maximum engine operating power.

  • Maximum Durability - To stand up against heat, vibration, pressure and corrosion providing more dependability and extended use.

  • Maximum Cooling - For more horsepower and better fuel efficiency.
    In addition, all Turbo-Max charge-air coolers incorporate our guaranteed “N0 Leak” Technology that will reduce exhaust heat by more than 75% over all OEM charge-air coolers.

  • 2 Year Warranty
    We back each Turbo-Max charge-air cooler for five years!

Top Plate - Heavier duty plate with expansion joints to releave stress and prevent plate separation from the header plate.

Tube Fins - 4.2 fins per inch and alternated . Designed to break up boundry layer of air for more efficient thermal performance.

Header Plate - Special brazing process to minimize leakage and eliminate the need for grommets and internal/external sealers.

Materials - All materials are premium grade, corrosion resistant and stronger than other CAC cores.

  • Pressure tested to 560 psi

  • Pressure cycle fatigue tested to 1 million milicycles.